richmond, virginia has some seriously great murals!  ariel was so great to let an alternative, fun backdrop be part of her family session.  not only did they brave it between two rainstorms but the kids were great.  featured murals are by jerkface  @incarceratedjerkfaces and jason woodside @jasonwoodside

as thanksgiving approaches, i’m so thankful for this family and all the families who make time to have me photograph the chapter in their lives.  i’m so touched and honored.  family is everything, and it will just fly by.

1015202125303540455060657580859095100110115120125130135140145161162b164band they lived happily ever after.

miss lucie.

seeing caroline and reid together was quite a sweet moment.  when the two look at each other, little sparks would fly and the two just melted side by side.  with lucie, there was no difference.  she is home melted in all that love.  i’m really excited to show you both of these sessions together.

this little guy completely stole my heart and he will take it all the way to the west coast.  alas…

six months old is really one of my favorite ages

what’s the hardest thing about summer?  blogging.  i may not be able to completely catch up on all the wonderful sessions i had this summer but i might start with this one… my little nieces.  little, tiny dancers.    2 tiny dancer ruthbphotogrpahy2a tiny dancer ruthbphotogrpahy3 tiny dancer ruthbphotogrpahy4 tiny dancer ruthbphotogrpahy4a tiny dancer ruthbphotogrpahy5tiny dancer ruthbphotogrpahy7a tiny dancer ruthbphotogrpahy8 tiny dancer ruthbphotogrpahy10 tiny dancer ruthbphotogrpahy11 tiny dancer ruthbphotogrpahy12 tiny dancer ruthbphotogrpahy13 tiny dancer ruthbphotogrpahy13a tiny dancer ruthbphotogrpahy14 tiny dancer ruthbphotogrpahy15 tiny dancer ruthbphotogrpahy16 tiny dancer ruthbphotogrpahy19 tiny dancer ruthbphotogrpahy20 tiny dancer ruthbphotogrpahy22 tiny dancer ruthbphotogrpahy23 tiny dancer ruthbphotogrpahy23a tiny dancer ruthbphotogrpahy24 tiny dancer ruthbphotogrpahy

miyah and mi’angel.  their dear mother, passed away just days after their birth due to medical complications.  you can imagine the shock for this family when they lost her.  govan, their dad still wears her badge with her picture on it.  i think she would be so proud of those babies and their daddy is going to love them ten times over.

send a prayer up for miyah, mi’angel, their dad and their family.

update: they are home with their dad and their godmother and family help watch them while dad works.


babies in white…nothing quite like it.  my precious nieces, zaza and coco.51027354046

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