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miyah and mi’angel.  their dear mother, passed away just days after their birth due to medical complications.  you can imagine the shock for this family when they lost her.  govan, their dad still wears her badge with her picture on it.  i think she would be so proud of those babies and their daddy is going to love them ten times over.

send a prayer up for miyah, mi’angel, their dad and their family.

update: they are home with their dad and their godmother and family help watch them while dad works.


babies in white…nothing quite like it.  my precious nieces, zaza and coco.51027354046

  • Rebecca - In love! These are pure perfection? Are they film or digital? What camera? You are so gifted. xoThursday, April 9, 2015 – 12:35 amReplyCancel

everyday i feel so blessed i have such a job.  to meet incredible people from all over and they let me have a glimpse into their lives.  this sweet day was no exception.  right away, i could tell little moshe has a kind, deep soul.  His big sister will definitely keep him covered with kisses and love.

  • Rebecca - Alright, I am addicted. These are gorgeous as well! All of this! Can’t get enough! What are you shooting with? xoThursday, April 9, 2015 – 12:38 amReplyCancel

pure love.  this moment when you fall completely in love with your baby.  you stare and wonder how you’re life existed without him.

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