chasing light : E and Z : northern neck, virginia

personal project

after years of being flooded with light, i’m trying to see and find the light, in a new way.  as a photographer, you search out imagery but then you have a most delicate, uncontrollable magic that happens : light.    we have so many ways to translate it, it’s endless.  here’s another chapter.

aside from my own children and family, my dear friends’ children are visually like my own.  they are beautiful, handsome, they constantly captivate me.  E and Z are just that.

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blossoms of spring {meyrieux family love}

in a effort to remember Spring is on it’s way and it is magnificent, when it arrives, i had to post these lovelies from last year… any day, they are expecting their little sister

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the wait {maternity}

waiting is the hardest part…

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love and devotion {boudoir}

introducing love and devotion {boudoir} sessions :

please inquire for pricing and schedule


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stella lou is 1! {cake smash}

happy birthday sweet stella lou!

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a most serendipitous afternoon {dunlap love}

a most serendipitous afternoon, ‘love’ was just there waiting for us!  there we were strolling along in the park and a sweet little banner, l.o.v.e.!  couldn’t really ask for anything better.

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49 years of love {sheltons}

first, i asked, “so, what’s the secret?”

they both answered, “patience”  be patient with each other.  they also said, “pray together.”

with just one month from Valentine’s Day, this just speaks volumes, or rather, years of love!  congratulations on 49 years!

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